Dangerous (Made & Broken Book 1)

bKiller Heartbreaker Husbandb brbr bBlainebbr I hurt break and kill for a living The Family point I deliverbr But this time they ask too much This time they want me to marry the one woman who knows my secret She has reason to hate me I know but Ill take her Ill break her and Ill make her minebr Thats the only way I can keep my secret brbr bMirabbr When I ran away eight years ago I thought Id escaped the underworld Id always knownbr I made a life for myself I thought I was free Then my past came knocking at my doorbr Now Im marrying the son of Londons biggest crime family A man who hates me as much as I hate him Hes ruthless brutal and dangerouseverything Ive always fearedbr Hes taken away the life I built hes taken my freedom And now I fear hes taken my sanity toobr How else could I be falling in love with him

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