Damage: Dark Irish Mafia Romance (O’Sullivan Brothers Book 5)

The beautiful brutal saga that began with the Krasnov bratva series and continued with the Irish O’Sullivan mafia—a syndicate clash that created a sinfully sexy alliance—comes to a dirty, hot, dangerous end here.

Low blows. Hot sparks. She thinks he’s nothing but an alpha A-hole. He’s beyond sick of dealing with all her bitchy snark. One violent night of reckoning is all it takes for them to ricochet together instead of rip each other to pieces.

I exist in the shadows so no one will ever really see me. Less chance of feeling, being, belonging. Because I never will.

Then she turned up. She sees me, she sees right through me. Tugs my festering rage right to the surface and makes my black heart bleed. Now there’s no escape from the hate at all, not when I’m forced to be her friggin’ babysitting bodyguard on the daily.

I exist in a half-life because my body isn’t fully mine. I’m the paralyzed one. The cripple. I let in small bursts of sunshine just to get through the day, and no one knows my true dark pain.

Then I met him. And he stares straight through me. My very worst impulses come out to play because he taps right into the weakness at my core. I can’t even run from him, I can’t even run at all.

One apocalyptic blizzard during one terrifying night shakes us up with startling gunfire and . . . stolen kisses. We can’t keep hiding our shame, guilt, blame, desire. But none of that really matters when the O’Sullivan mafia staggers from a blow so unexpected, everyone will stumble from the force of it.

The past is only the past until it’s not.

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Damage: Dark Irish Mafia Romance (O’Sullivan Brothers Book 5)