Cowboy Baby: A Secret Baby Romance

She was here to check our cattle, not me.
The last thing I need is a sexy veterinarian to distract me.

My ex was only after money.
I learned my lesson.
No way would I let flirting with the pretty new vet,
Turn into anything more.

Tessa is sexy and I can’t get her off my mind.
So I ask her out.
Just a meet up, not really a date.
Except that blazing hot kiss made it feel like a date.

Fighting the sexual tension between us is a losing battle.
Taking her to bed is natural, incredible.
It’s just for fun. Nothing serious.

But when a strange virus starts sickening our steers,
Jeopardizing our contracts,
I know I can trust Tessa to help.

Except maybe I can’t trust her at all.
A rancher tells me Tessa dumped him because I have more money.
I fell for her, and she’s just like my ex.
I don’t know who the real fool is.
Especially when she’s keeping secrets from me.

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