A sizzling romance with a very happy ever after ending.

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March, 30th, 2021.

How can I choose one man when I want to get dirty with all four? A sizzling reverse harem romance: Speed Date: A Why Choose Romance. Maddie has seven minutes to find out Nick and Oscar are funny, charming, and sweet. And her twin stepbrothers have the hots for her. Ohhhh boy!

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Speed Date: A Why Choose Romance (Dating)

I thought Speed Dating would be a waste of time, and then my hunky stepbrothers show up with their gorgeous friends Nick and Oscar.I’m mortified: they might think I’m an easy lay or that any of this is my idea. It’s not, I was dragged here by my BFF.

Seven minutes with each man is long enough to find out that Nick and Oscar are funny, charming, and sweet. Their smiles make me blush. And I’d like to meet them again and get to know them better.

It is also enough time to discover my stepbrothers both have the hots for me.

Matthew Harris has the decency and good sense to know we must not do anything about our mutual attraction, not when we live under the same roof.

However, his twin brother, Luke wastes none of his seven minutes on small talk. He wants to take me home to do the filthy things I’ve only dreamed of. And I’m tempted to say yes.

How can I choose one of their friends when all four men want me?

Whatever happens, I don’t want to mess up my future career as a respectable children’s nurse. I just want to settle down and have a big family of my own someday.

SPEED DATE is a sizzling romance with a very happy ever after ending.

What the Reviews Say

The book was seriously entertaining! Going from sweet and innocent to full blown multiple partners was a shocker for me but I ejoyed it. I liked the details for each character and the way they all discover feelings. Its funny, steamy, and confusing in the best ways.

Stephanie did it again with another amazing read! Great characters with a wonderful story line. I haven’t found one of her books that I don’t absolutely love!

She is shy but they make her feel so wanted. The book has many caring scenes but also lots of steamy scenes which I loved. Forbidden love at its best.

Loved this concept. The characters were well developed, the storyline was wonderful and I wish I could be Maddie. Stephanie Brother did it again.

Excellent book, loved the storyline, hoped for the ending and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Great read, great author… can’t wait to read another!