Can Lady Dorothea find one good gentleman?

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February, 18th, 2021.

Indulged at home, Lady Dorothea is looking forward to associating with the best of London society in this Regency Romance: An Expectation of Love. She rejects Lord Windford because he has a limp. However, she finds a handsome face is not always matched with a beautiful heart, and she begins to question her own attitude. Is it too late to find love or has Lord Windford’s heart already taken? 

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An Expectation of Love: A Regency Romance (Landon House Book 6)

Rakes and rascals eager for her dowry and status… Can Lady Dorothea find one good gentleman?

As the youngest daughter, Lady Dorothea has been a little more indulged by their father than her sisters. Being fully aware in her own mind as to what she wished her future husband to be, she is immediately dissuaded from accepting the Earl of Windford’s attentions due to the fact that he has something of a limp and cannot partake in society to its fullest extent.

Lord Oliver Windford is astonished at himself. To find himself so drawn to a lady, to then be so turned from her has left him in a great confusion! Already injured by society’s disdain, he makes plans to leave London only to be prevented by the attentions of an entirely new lady. But is she genuine in her considerations towards him or does she have another motive?

This is the sixth book in the Landon House series, where Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon form an alliance to assist each other with difficulties of their family life. Get your copy today!

When Dorothea realizes that the gentlemen around her are nothing more than rakes and rascals eager for her dowry and status, she soon begins to question her own attitude and selfishness. Is it too late for her to accept Lord Windford’s attentions, or has he, as she fears, already turned towards another?

What the Reviews Say

A young woman, her first season, a young man, a disability, first ball, first dance, leg hurting bad dance, meeting other gentleman, flowers arrives, both starting to have feelings, who to believe.

I loved the attraction and undeniable chemistry between Dorothea and the Earl of Windford who had been seriously injured in a horse riding accident and cannot partake in society to its fullest effect due to his limp. If you enjoy well written Regency romance with suspense, emotion and heart, don’t miss “The Expectation of Love”.

Wonderfully written and the lessons learned are timeless. I think the story flowed nicely and it kept me engaged. I could not put it down, and I am especially drawn to regency stories.

Lady Dorothea has a lot to learn about the worth of a true gentleman, even if they suffer from a permanent limp. When she finally discovers Lord Windford’s worth will it be too late for them?

Rose Pearson knows how to write regency romance. The customs and etiquette are spot on. I love that we saw some characters from other books in the series entwined with this one. It was a beautiful book.