An Expectation of Love: A Regency Romance (Landon House Book 6)

bRakes and rascals eager for her dowry and statusCan Lady Dorothea find one good gentlemanb brbr As the youngest daughter Lady Dorothea has been a little more indulged by their father than her sisters Being fully aware in her own mind as to what she wished her future husband to be she is immediately dissuaded from accepting the Earl of Windfords attentions due to the fact that he has something of a limp and cannot partake in society to its fullest extent brbr Lord Oliver Windford is astonished at himself To find himself so drawn to a lady to then be so turned from her has left him in a great confusion Already injured by societys disdain he makes plans to leave London only to be prevented by the attentions of an entirely new lady But is she genuine in her considerations towards him or does she have another motive brbr This is the sixth book in the Landon House series where Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon form an alliance to assist each other with difficulties of their family life Get your copy today brbr When Dorothea realizes that the gentlemen around her are nothing more than rakes and rascals eager for her dowry and status she soon begins to question her own attitude and selfishness Is it too late for her to accept Lord Windfords attentions or has he as she fears already turned towards another

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