Blood Urge – Paranormal Sci-Fi Alien Romance: Blood Rage Book 1

Can finding a fated mate on earth stop the rage keeping Sinth isolated in their dimension?
I’m giving up.
It’s a tough pill to swallow because I’m only three years into University. But I’ve lost my parents in the last couple of weeks. It’s only a matter of time before I get sick and turn into one of the stalking infected or I get caught and abused by looters.
I’m tired of all the death, and living in fear is exhausting. Now men from the work camps up north are heading my way. I can hear them getting closer, and my back’s against the wall—or the cliff–to be more accurate.
I’d rather be dead than this lonely and terrified.

The Wen virus has exploded into view again. This time on an underdeveloped planet called Earth in the Ashen Zone. When my old friend Purlogh contacted me with the news, I was interested in investigating the Fakel involvement with him. They must be stopped.
But when Purlogh ends his communication saying a Sinth Guardian found his fated mate among the human females… of course, I take off immediately. Only a mate can stop the viscos—the blood rage—that keeps us alienated in our personal dimension. When I enter Earth’s atmosphere, I’m drawn down to the surface, weaving through the mostly green covered mountains. At my age, I’m just beginning to struggle to control the viscos, heating my blood to an uncomfortable level. Despite that, I phase to the surface when I notice a female teetering on the edge of a cliff.
Then she looks at me.
Is that possible? I haven’t phased completely into her dimension yet.
Before I can confirm—she’s unconscious. Attacked by predatory males who take over her residence. I’m left waiting… hoping she’s the mate I was afraid of ever dreaming would materialize.

A steamy paranormal sci-fi alien romance for adults. Happy for now, always guaranteed.

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Blood Urge – Paranormal Sci-Fi Alien Romance: Blood Rage Book 1