Alien Orca: A Fake Marriage Romance

I was abducted by a killer whale, then forced to work as his secretary.
Now my weird, grumpy alien boss wants to fake marry me.

He’s more man than whale, of course. Huge, hyper muscled and grumpier than a hungry shark, Caladin is the boss from hell.
And I let him know exactly what I think about his behavior.
Spoiler: That doesn’t make him any less cranky.
Fine, he has a magnetic attraction on all females.
Sure, I have trouble taking my eyes off him.
And okay, I do get butterflies when he looks at me with those piercing yellow eyes.
But when he wants to fake marry me on his home planet, and parade me in front of his aquatic family as his wife, that’s when I make my escape.
Because he may be a killer whale.
But I have bigger fish to fry…

Alien Orca is the eighth book in the Alien Abductors series of science fiction romance novels. The books are complete stories, but should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

Expect steamy scenes, mysterious aliens with features like adult toys, corny side characters, deadly plots and the love story between a secretive girl from Earth and a sensationally hot alien with hidden talents!
This is a full romance novel with a happy-ever-after and no cliffhangers.

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