You’re going to fall for them all…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
January, 30th, 2020.

Three fantastic stories in one wonderful box set. The Interview Series Box Set is a steamy contemporary romance box set filled with drama, intense lust and three captivating HEAs that will make you consider a career in journalism… Romance so gripping you’ll be hooked to the very last page.

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The Interview Series Box Set 
(A Contemporary Romance Boxset)

Don’t miss this collection of steamy romance novels from USA Today Bestselling Author, Rylee Swann!

You’re going to fall for the misunderstood rock star desperate for a second chance, the confident Dom who falls for the reporter at-first-sight, and the bad boy who simply wants happiness with the good girl.

Interview with the Rock Star
He was my first love. My first hate. I can’t let him be my worst mistake… again.
I was eighteen when Kace Rymer stole my heart. Twenty-two when he broke it.
Ten years later, he’s back and bigger than life. And guess who has to interview the big, bad rock star? Me! Unbelievable.
He’s sorry, he says. Forgive me, he asks.
No. The flat out answer is no, with a kick in the balls to prove how much I mean it.
Then, the grand gesture.
He goes on a campaign to win me back, and I can’t help but wonder… am I punishing him or punishing myself?

Interview with the Dom
Explosive interview. Hot Dom. Burning loins and one required condition…
When the respected newspaper I work for changes owners and becomes nothing but a gossip rag, I quit.
Bad idea.
Three months later, I’m still looking for a job,
watching my savings dwindle down into nothing.
Then a miracle happens… Glam magazine needs a journalist for their World column.
I’m assigned to interview Master X, the handsome owner of a sex club.
The Dom agrees to the interview… on one condition.
He won’t answer my questions about his lifestyle.
He wants to show me instead.

Interview with the Bad Boy
Good girl meets very bad boy…
When I’m assigned to write about the football team’s winning streak for our college’s paper, I can’t believe it.
I want to write about hard hitting, thought provoking topics, not interview the biggest manwhore on
And Cole James truly is an asshole, but he’s also so damn sexy that it curls my toes.
And there’s more, something beneath the arrogant facade he presents to the world, something that calls to me, makes me ache
Makes me want to soothe his pain, kiss it all away.
Yes, he’s an asshole but I have issues too. We might be each other’s saviors… if we don’t break each other first.

The Interview Series Boxset is a collection of 3 steamy standalone romance novels. No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam, and a guaranteed HEA! Don’t delay your reading pleasure! Scroll up now to one-click!

What the Reviews Say

Each of these books are addictive, captivating and worth skipping on work and sleep for. I’ve read each individual but the box set is the way to go so you can savor these men and their romance without missing a moment.

Rylee Swan has put together a great set of some of her best stories! If you are looking for a romantic read or three that will keep you up late at night turning pages these books are for you. These story lines just linger in your mind and her books are so well written and are way more than just a romance.

As usual Rylee Swann gives it her all. Not in just one book but in 3. Never knew interviewing people could be such a life changing game. And a good one at that! So many ups and downs, over and unders too. Yum, yum. All 3 books kept my eyes glued to the pages to see what will happen next. Turns i never saw coming. Give them a try.
You won’t be disappointed.

This is a wonderful box set of interviews with a rock star and they both are star struck! The three are different storylines and are bad boys and good girls that come together and things get explosive! They are intense and intriguing and they find their way together!

This story has a lot of depth and warmth I haven’t read in other books. A lot of moving parts you don’t want to miss and you’ll love it. This is a captivating set of books you’ll fall for fast and hard as I did.