Your Wednesday Wickedly Hot Reads are Waiting

Your recommended reads for today,
June, 3rd, 2020.

Falcon’s Way

Trust no one. Barrett Gilmore survives by that creed. She learned it the hard way. The tough times are mostly behind her now. And if she’s not really happy, at least she’s at peace.

Until Michael Falco storms into her life. Sure, she’s grateful he stepped in when she was attacked on the street, but she never asked him to play the hero in the rest of her life. She doesn’t need rescuing.

But still he pursues her. He wants her. Barrett knows there’s an angle. A man with his wealth could only want one thing from a woman like her. And she’s not for sale.

She doesn’t trust him, but worse, she doesn’t trust herself around him. Barrett knows how to survive. But with Michael, she’ll learn how to live.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Daddy’s Law

Buck and I have known each other since elementary school, and now he wants to tinker with my toys. Only now he’s a man of the law, and I’m fresh out of the clinker with nowhere to stay but his place.

♥ Only one problem, he wants to cuff me and teach me a lesson. ♥

Not only that, his form of punishment makes me want to challenge his authority rather than submit. If his spankings and dominance are his idea of punishment, I’ll have another sentence please.

? Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
? Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
? Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Feather Light

This Regency Romance is anything but stuffy!

In this sexy novella, virginal young Susanna is sensuously dressed by her feisty lady’s maid, Abby. They take extra care with her appearance because she’s about to receive a visit from the Baron’s son, Lord Spencer, who she’s supposed to marry.

Abby goes out to lay the feather bedding in the sun to air in a distant field on the country estate. Susanna and Spencer follow her. The three of them make feathers fly in this lighthearted, explicit romantic read.

By the end, the three of them are besotted with each other and satiated by their outdoor adventure.

This book contains explicit F-F and M-F sexual activity and light spanking.

? Heat Level 5

Her Cocky Cowboys – A Menage Romance

My world finally felt balanced again—until two smokin’-hot cowboys rode in and flipped everything upside down.

After a tragedy derailed my future and sent me back home to the family ranch, I settled into my new life. It wasn’t the grand adventure I’d envisioned, but it was enough.

Until Boone Tate and Cade Winslow sauntered in with their work-worn boots and their vows to keep me safe from the anonymous intruder threatening me.

They’re so different—Cade with his cocky grin and mile-wide streak of mischief; Boone with his quiet warmth and fierce protectiveness.

These two are men—and they’re just what I want.

But it’s not all sunsets and trail rides. I still don’t know who’s targeting my ranch. I still don’t know how Boone and Cade really feel about making this thing between the three of us more than a fling.

One thing I do know, though? This is going to be one hell of a ride.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Claimed by the Alien Warrior Kezon

When Hjott warrior Kezon traveled halfway across the galaxy to Earth to pick up Terran biologist, Blaire Brock, he never expected his primal urge to hit and discover she’s his fated mate.

Blaire Brock agrees to come to the Vada System to help with the impending war with the rebel cyborgs. Being a biologist and an AI specialist, she loves her work and her lab on Earth. Traveling for the first time aboard a starship she discovers she’s prone to space flight sickness and yet she’s bound to the mission and in helping to find a virus to stop the enemy cyborg army. The discovery that Kezon has intentions for her more than just her scientific mind has her reeling with her heart’s newly found interest.

Kezon does his best to remain professional with the beautiful biologist, but his urges prove more than he can help when he puts himself in a compromising situation with the Terran. The balance of his home planet, Jatra, lies in the hands of sexy Blaire, who is as lovely as she is smart. She’s resistant to his advances, and yet, he struggles with maintaining a working distance.

When it comes to the mission, can Kezon focus on accomplishing what Jatra needs and set aside his yearnings for Blaire? Will she insist on coming back to Earth once the mission is complete, or will she submit to change in her heart toward the hunky alien?

♨️ Heat Level 4