You know the drill. Big hands, big feet, humongous—

Our recommended read for today,
June, 19th, 2021.

The butterflies come in force when one large and in-charge single dad steps in to rescue the girl who abandoned all hope and forgot how to love. No Gentle Giant is a steamy and electrifying standalone romance thriller where one ginormous protector goes all-in to win Miss Unlucky.

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No Gentle Giant:
A Small Town Romance

You know the drill.
Big hands, big feet, humongous—

Yikes. We’re not going there for the thousandth time.
I’ve got small-town problems aplenty and zero time for Paxton “Alaska” Charter.
Crushing on smokeshow men with caveman vibes can’t end well.

Sure, he saved my little coffee shop from total ruin once.
Yes, my ovaries melt watching single dad of the century with his little boy.
Of course, I’d sleep like a baby if I let him work his former SEAL hero magic on my mess.
That’s not why I’m freaking out.

Nobody told me how devastatingly kind Alaska can be.
Or the fact that his stubborn heart’s even more guarded than mine.
If he comes barreling into my life, it’s certain doom.
And it’s all thrown to the wind the day his kiss claims me.

We have to say goodbye. Right now. Before it’s too late.
He can’t keep sheltering my body, stealing my heart, and igniting my soul.
I won’t drag this gentle giant down my abyss of ugly secrets.
But Alaska has other plans—and they scare me.
Because they all involve impossible happily ever afters, no matter the cost.

What the Reviews Say

Innovative phrasing, vibrantly descriptive prose, epilogues so sigh-worthy they set the standard for all romance novels – these are the elements that make her books truly unputdownable.

Everything you could want in an amazing story! Intriguing storyline with a few twists, secret glances mixed with flirty conversations, and undeniable chemistry!

Can two hurt souls find it within themselves to be the healing balm that moves them forward to a happily ever after? This touching story will move you and have you in Alaska and Felicity’s corner!

Felicity and Alaska are FIRE! Their connection and desire for one another just bled off the pages.

It was filled with drama, suspense, action, twists and turns, emotions, sweetness and heart-melting romance. Felicity and Alaska were perfect for each other! No Gentle Giant grabbed me from the start and held me until the end.