I bought him. Then he taught me what it means to be owned.

I bought him. Then he taught me what it means to be owned.

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October, 10th, 2019.

Another decadently dark romance from Loki Renard: Brutally Broken. Be ready to be gripped by a strong story of suspense, intrigue and scorchingly hot romance. With Vadim, it’s all about control… but can she ever surrender?

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Brutally Broken: A Dark Mafia Romance

I bought him. Then he taught me what it means to be owned.

When I bought Vadim I intended to use him and dispose of him when he was no longer useful, but he takes orders from no one, and within minutes I was forced into humiliating surrender.

He didn’t just overpower me. He bared me completely, and then even as I fought and swore and screamed the hulking brute held me down and punished me so thoroughly I begged for mercy.

But Vadim doesn’t do mercy.

He has made himself my master, and every time I dare to disobey I end up sore, sorry, and shamefully used. I can pretend to be in charge, but I know he won’t stop until I’m broken.

What the Reviews Say

The intensity level for both characters is HIGH, HOT, STERN, EROTIC, and extremely COMPLEX. There really are not enough words for me to adequately describe this overwhelming, powerful story of the interaction between Sophie and Vadim.

Vadim is so yummy and his Russian accent and is DOMINANCE over smart mouth Sophie who thinks she has it all figured out puts her in her place over and over with his punishment but the chemistry these two have is completely off the charts and like no other.

Sophia believes she can remain in control over Vadim, but he refuses to allow it. There is a constant push and pull between the characters. The power of each character constantly changes during the novel. This book contains brutal violence, danger, intrigue, secrets, danger, and strong sexuality. There are several unexpected twists and turns. This book keeps your attention and is hard to put down.

LR is the master of the dark romance genre. She is able to twist dark desires with unique plots. She creates characters that crave and drive you to want more of the world she is building around you. Before you know it, you are engrossed in the story. She is one of my go-to authors.

Dark, brutal suspense from beginning to end. Intrigue intertwines with dominance and submission where secrets are unlocked one step and one spank at a time. This author makes you feel the heat, the tension, and the sexual chemistry that burns like napalm and is just as explosive. Do not pass this one up but be ready to be blown away.


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