I gave him my v-card for Valentine’s…

Our pick of Oh, Daddy! Romance for today,
February, 15th, 2020.

A sizzling collection of billionaires and secret babies… One Night Stand is a naughty four book selection filled with fully developed characters, incredible situations and intense, steamy romance. You’ll love it! 

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One Night Stand: Enemies to Lovers Box Set

I gave him my v-card for Valentine’s, now
nothing will ever be the same.
One night stands with these gorgeous
billionaires are far from simple.
Especially when an unexpected pregnancy is

Delivering Her Gift
In one night, we came crashing together like a
perfect storm.
The gift that came as a result was a surprise we didn’t see coming.
Logan Ambrose, a gorgeous surgeon with a broken past.
A hero, a savior, and the charming doctor that stole my heart.
I gave him my v-card and he crept into my heart as quickly as he left.
Seeing Logan again and finding out I’m pregnant at the same time? Insane.

My Boss, My Protector
My brother’s best friend is no longer the charmer from the past.
Cold, demanding, and distant.
He’s shrouded in scars and wrapped in arrogance.
Working for him is like a fight to maintain my sanity.
If only our fights didn’t end up with me in his bed.
One bad decision led to too many to count.
Now, it’s finally time to come clean.
“You’re my boss, my protector, and now my baby’s daddy.”

Unexpected Marriage
Accidentally married and pregnant by my brother’s best friend.
The worse part?
I can’t even remember the night it happened.
I thought I was prepared for the unexpected.
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.
That was until my brother’s best friend walked back into my life.
Finding my marriage certificate in the mail,
Then news of my pregnancy on the same day?
I feel like I’m living in some crazy romance novel…
If only I knew how to tell him about us and our baby.

Billionaire Baby
I gave him my v-card for Valentine’s.
He left the next day.
I thought that would be the last I would see of him.
But then I found out some big NEWS!

What the Reviews Say

This four book box set was perfect for readers like me who love to binge read. All well
written and fully developed with an unexpected but welcomed pregnancy that tied all the books together with one theme.

A variety of drama that will keep you engrossed for hours. This one will definitely keep you turning the pages to find out how it ends.

An awesome box set. captivating, interesting, enjoyable and steamy stories that will hooked you up, and keeps you entertained. Well written stories, great characters with great chemistry!

Beverly Evans did a great job on this collection, each of these stories had a well written strong plot and characters. Their chemistry was sexy.

What is not to like about these books. It’s not just one book it FOUR!! Each book has a set of characters that are amazing and puts you in the mood. When you think it’s about to end you get to the next book but after that last book I keeps you wanting more.