Trophy of the Dragon: An Earthbound Alien Romance (Cosmic Kissed)


I never ordered a dragon.
But that’s what the alien dating agency sent me. He’s the grumpiest, most possessive dragon shifter you could imagine.
He’s also huge, bright red and a major fire hazard. Not at all the sweet, caring male I specified.
Even now, he’s sauntering away from a truck he set on fire, smirking and without a care in the world while black smoke is pouring skyward, traffic is screeching to a halt and sirens are blaring in the distance.
I should be outraged. And yet I keep catching myself staring at Broxag as if mesmerized, all hot and bothered from the scandalous images filling my head. The huge bulge in his pants is not helping.
No, this can’t continue. I’Il send him away right now.
I do not need his chaos in my life.

Of course no dragon needs help finding a female.
A Luck Dragon like me, even less.
But that was not the reason I tricked my way to Earth. This small, round one called Evelyn will help me accomplish my real objective on this pitiful, male-less planet. I have no interest in her beyond getting my trophy.
But why do I feel the need to protect her from danger? Why does my crotch swell uncontrollably whenever she is near? And why are my scales starting to change color?
My need is becoming critical. Before I leave this planet for good, I must take my pleasure from her and be done with it.

This story is part of the Cosmic Kissed shared world, where a pandemic has killed almost all the men on Earth and dating agencies are bringing alien males to help Earth women re-populate the planet.
This book contains no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happy-ever-after!

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