Train me to be all yours.

Our recommended read for today,
March, 24th, 2020.

Oh, Daddy! I’ve been a very, very bad girl… Obey Daddy Collection is a brand new collection of five red hot Daddy-Dom romances, each one naughtier than the last. All full length and filled powerful characters, you’ll want to be tied up all day with this set!

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Obey Daddy Collection

I crave a Daddy.

I need a Daddy to discipline me, keep me following the rules, and teach me how to be the perfect little. The only problem is I hate punishment.

Train me to be all yours, and I won’t disappoint you, Daddy.

Publisher’s Note: This is a collection of five steamy, full-length romance novels –
Little Prim and Proper,
Little Lizzie’s Reform,
Delia’s Debt,
A Proper Punishment,
and Little Brides
– which contain power exchange and scenes which may trigger some readers.