Too damaged to be who she deserves.

Our recommended read for today,
December, 30th, 2020.

A spectacular Very Naughty Read to take you into the New Year… The Velvet Ribbon is an intriguing read, filled with a thrilling storyline and a romance hot enough to melt snow 😉 One-click today!

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The Velvet Ribbon

Every day is torture for former SAS officer Alex Lombard. Every day, he has to go into his office and work beside the woman he craves down to the last atom of his being. The snag is, he doesn’t date his employees, but even if he did, he’s too damaged to be the man she deserves.

Beth Harrison wants to be a writer, but like everyone else, she has bills to pay. Her job as Alex Lombard’s assistant not only pays those bills, it puts her in close proximity to the man who provides the inspiration for the hero in her first novel, and who lives in her dreams as the lover she longs for.

When a street crime throws them together as more than employer and employee, the secrets revealed change their relationship forever. However, someone from Alex’s past is out for revenge, and his sights aren’t only on destroying Alex’s business…