Tommy’s Baby (SEAL Daddies)

Tommy O’Shea. The love of my life. The one that got away.
Correction, the one I let get away.

Now, a decade later, it’s still the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.
Even bigger than the one that’s got me on the run for my life.
I need to get out of town, change my name, start over. But where?
Then a picture in a magazine draws me in.
It’s him. My Tommy. He’s living and thriving in paradise.
What if he still hates me? Or worse – what if he’s forgotten me?
As sick as the thought makes me, I know I have to go.
My next steps sound like the plot of a bad movie.
I check into a seedy motel, I get a job at his pub, I try to pretend like we can be just friends.
Have I gone crazy in the middle of all my madness?
We find some semblance of happiness together once again,
But I know it can’t last. Not when a man shows up looking for me.
I won’t put Tommy in danger. I’d rather break his heart all over again.
But when I try to run again, everything goes wrong, and Tommy is the only one who can save me.

Will he find me in time, or have we said our final goodbye?

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