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Your recommended reads for today,
March, 15th, 2021.

Mountain Man’s Lucky Charm: A Single Dad Romance

“You’re the only family these babies have.”

Life is gravy until a call turns it all around.
1. My idiot brother is behind bars.
2. He’s the father of two little girls.
3. And some fool in charge assigns ME as their legal guardian.

I’m ready to give the judge a piece of my mind.
But the minute I see my nieces for the very first time I’m speechless.
And just like that, my mountainous walls slowly begin to crumble…

And just like that I meet the girl of my dreams.
Answering my pathetic questions on an online parenting forum.
To be honest I thought she was a he.
She’s actually a smart sexy single mom to two little boys.
THE definition of MILF. And one h*ll of a mom.

I’d give anything for a chance to make a family with Alex. But, can she ever see herself with a known playboy?

One thing’s for certain, St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner… I’ll use my Irish luck to charm my way into one special girl’s heart – wish me luck.

Heat Level 5

In the Air Tonight

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Welcome to Eagle Creek, Wisconsin, a small town filled with love, laughter, secrets, and heartache. In Eagle Creek love comes in all colors, shapes, and pairings because everyone loves a good love story, right?

It’s not just some crush…
I’ve loved Caleb Hunter for over half my life, but he’s done everything he can to keep me at bay. He thinks he’s honoring my brother’s memory, but what about what I want? When tragedy hits my family again, I turn to Hunter for help. I know he can fix this problem, but how long will he stay in Eagle Creek?

It’s more than just temptation…
Lucy Mason has been a torment and a temptation for fifteen years. It was easy to stay away when she was nothing more than a kid, but Lucy’s turned into a beautiful woman. Now she tells me I’m the only one that can get her out of a bind. Can I help Lucy without landing myself in trouble?

In the Air Tonight is an introductory novella in the Eagle Creek series. This book is for readers 18+ who love unrequited love, a sinfully hot older man, and a sassy heroine. Lucy and Hunter’s story will continue later in the series.

Heat Level 4

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Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Scorched by the Dragons

Time after time, I’ve survived impossible odds.

When the local paper writes about my firefighting career, I feel like I’m getting the respect I deserve.

Except now I’m being dragged from my home by three imposing men.

They claim they’re dragons and I’m a mythical creature that’s able to withstand flames.

Say what?

But that’s not the best part. They need to cause me pain to complete their rituals.

The problem is… the more they hurt me, the more I like it.

Trapped in a dragon cave, submitted to sensual torture, dominated by three alpha males. I thought I was a survivor… but I’m about to break.

How long can I hold onto my innocence?

Heat Level 5

My Fierce Taboo Crush

She’s my best friend’s little sister
But seeing her again after all this time,
I’m feeling anything but brotherly
And now I’m throwing fuel on the fire by offering her a job.

Julia debated it for another few moments. I watched the internal struggle play out on her face.
She threw up her hands. “Okay fine. I’ll work for you, Colt. But I’m an adult now, and you’d better remember that.”
I nodded. “Got it.”
Like I could forget.

I just have to keep my hands off her for two months
She’s leaving at the end of the summer for law school
But it’s going to be hard.
And I mean very hard.

Heat Level 5

Text Me on Tuesday

All is fair in love and texting…

One caterer looking for her break in the Big Apple. One stressed-out architect with no time for love.

It’s hate at first sight, but when a mix-up finds them unknowingly texting each other, an undeniable connection forms and they both start to wonder if romance might be on the menu…

Heat Level 3

S*x in Kenya

In 2018, U.S. volunteer Adam travels to Kenya to deliver food for the needy. The second he arrives, he’s connected with a gorgeous African escort by the name of Grace. Adam becomes smitten with the dark-skinned goddess, and they spend some very revealing and passionate moments together.

Straightforward Grace isn’t looking for love but finds the compassionate and sexy Adam refreshing compared to her usual clients. Despite fighting it, Grace falls in love with Adam while rejecting the affections of a relentless beau who’d rather see her dead than with another man.

Heat Level 5