This energy between us is insane.

Our recommended read for today,
February, 27th, 2021.

Sweltering-hot secret baby romance with a ex-military boss… Boss Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance is the newest read from the wonderful Natasha L. Black. Alpha romance at its very best.

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Boss Daddy: A Secret Baby Romance

An ordinary life, that’s all I wanted.
But the chemistry between us is anything but ordinary.

I’m back in my hometown after two decades in the military.
She’s the new girl working at the bar.
Next thing I know, I’m teaching her to mix drinks and making her laugh.
This energy between us is insane.
The sparks in one look could start a forest fire, I swear.

She acts like she wants to disappear.
I want to protect her from whatever she’d hiding from.
Then he comes for her, Hannah’s abusive ex.
She comes to me, soaked in the pouring rain and terrified.
I promise I’ll keep her safe.

I don’t want a boring normal life anymore.
I want Hannah, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

What the Reviews Say

I loved how Jordon persevered through his nightmares, and more so loved when he saw the beautiful Hannah who came to work at the bar.

They had some hills to climb between her psycho ex and the business expanding. They were quite dynamite in bed!

There is so much chemistry between Jordan and Hannah. The family dynamic as the brothers run their bar is full of love and teasing. The characters are real in how they fight and have imperfections making it so easy to just fall into the story. Hannah and Jordan compliment each other well and you can’t help but yo cheer them on while they work toward their happily ever after!

The chemistry between Jordan and Hannah was explosive. This was a great read and I highly recommend it.

There was drama, suspense, emotions, great secondary characters, romance and love. Highly recommended!