Nothing will ever be the same after this dark knight rocks my world.

Our recommended read for today,
May, 7th, 2020.

A bantery enemies-to-lovers thriller: No White Knight features a rogue of a man who plays for keeps when he collides with a determined small-town firecracker. Full-length standalone romance novel with all the Hell Yeah Happily Ever Afters.

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No White Knight

Handsome devil. Hate-worthy. Walking scandal.
I’m catching one feeling with him and it’s got teeth…

If I were a bird, I know who I’d paint white.
Holt Silverton.
The cocky dolt who swaggered up thinking he’d buy my ranch out from under me.
I know his reputation—those stormy eyes and chiseled looks ruined half this town.
Spare me the pick up lines and pretty words.

I’d rather chew nails than get roped up in anything with him.
I ain’t selling off my home, my inheritance, or my horses.
Not even if I desperately need the cash when trouble comes calling.
But there are two things I didn’t count on.

Holt’s as stubborn as a bull.
He’s also hiding a rough and tumble country boy behind that big city suit.
Everything flips upside down the day he says he’ll help save my land.
Too easy.

Because I can’t let anybody uncover the awful secret on my property.
Not even gorgeous stallions turning I-hate-you into what-are-we-doing.
He’s no white knight.
The way Holt kisses is a warning…
Nothing will ever be the same after this dark knight rocks my world.

What the Reviews Say

Holt and Libby are one of the best enemies-to-lovers couples I’ve ever read. The banter is finely-balanced fire and ice, their chemistry is hotter than firecrackers, and their capacity to dream of a future together is equally matched.

Swoooooooon…a drifter trying to make it home, a hellcat trying to keep her home, and a whole lot a heart thumping craziness going on…loved this one!.

Holt and Libby burn hot like the stars in supernova fashion. No White Knight is a well written and spectacular combustion in Heart’s Edge featuring characters that will MELT your Kindle or just plain set it ablaze…

I don’t know how Ms. Snow manages to do it time and again, but she has outdone herself once again with this novel. This book is perfection, from the first to the last page and everywhere in between, and is certainly one of my reading highlights this year so far!

These two were great together and had intense chemistry…plenty of drama, secrets, mystery, suspense, mayhem, emotions, romance, love, and steam. Highly recommend!