They can’t stand each other.

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May, 11th, 2021.

Filled with All. The. Feelings. Maybe Later is the unique, sexy and heartfelt romance that you can’t help but love. Perfect for readers who enjoy back and forth banter and irresistable HEAs… and the ebook’s available for no cost right now!

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Maybe Later
(The Spearman Family Book 1)

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Billionaire Jackson Spearman is impatient, demanding, and private.

He’s practically a recluse.

When his assistant goes on maternity leave, Amy Walker virtual assistant extraordinaire arrives to save the day.

Or does she?

Amy is inquisitive and far too optimistic.
She isn’t impressed with Jackson at all.

Is she even real?

They can’t stand each other.
Unfortunately, they can’t seem to resist each other, either. Soon, their work relationship starts to feel like something more…

Even when Amy meets her dream man, she can’t seem to stop thinking about her annoying online boss.

And the woman who ’s never fallen in love before, finds herself falling for two men.
Both of them have everything she’s ever wanted.
But she has to choose one.

Can Jackson convince her that he can be everything that she needs?

Or will her past come back to haunt them and ruin her chance at love?

Note: Contains a grumpy, workaholic tech CEO with a guarded heart, and a virtual assistant whose skills border on diabolical. Also, two cats named Ramen and Sushi.

What the Reviews Say

Claudia never ceases to amaze me with her ability to bring fresh ideas into her books! The way this book was written was unlike anything I have ever seen and it will shock some but seriously is genius and it makes the back and forth banter that much more interesting!

Maybe Later is a unique, sexy and heartfelt romance that hits all the right spots. You’ll feel everything while reading this gem of a romance.

I am in love with Claudia Burgoa’s writing. She poured so much feelings in this story effortlessly. The witty banter and the angsty emotions were balanced perfectly. I was lost in the pages.l am so overwhelmed with all the emotions but I won’t change a second of it!

Maybe Later has so much fun in these pages. Snarky, wise ass with a side of spunk is the “special du jour”. This fun, flirty novel is big on personality and filled with lots of love.

OMG Claudia Burgoa wrote her first rom/com and didn’t make me cry! If you’ve ever read a Claudia Burgoa book, you will understand this statement, if this is your first read, well you will not be disappointed.