The woman unravels me—one smile at a time.

She wants what I want, and so much more.

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Ignite The Spark Between Us
(Searing Saviors Book 4)

I’ll never love again after losing my wife.

There’s no time for it anyway.

My daughter is my main focus, along with fighting fires for a living.

I’ve closed up my heart and decided the bachelor life is for me.

Or that was the plan.

And yet there’s something about my daughter’s teacher.

The woman unravels me—one smile at a time.

Too bad she’s off limits.

A casual fling would be nice. But no, it’s not right.

Unfortunately, the pretty woman who’s staining my dreams disagrees.

She wants what I want, and so much more.

No matter how badly I fight it, all bets are off, and I’m losing this battle.

She lights a fire inside me that rivals the ones I’ve dedicated my life to fighting.

And no matter how much I fight it, this woman is mine.

Now. Tomorrow. Forever.

Every Good Girl Deserves a Bad Boy. ~ Weston


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