The Watchers

Charismatic Homicide Detective Blair Sexton meets his match in Reese McQueen, a beautiful, black veterinarian’s assistant who shares the same sexual fetish as he does: voyeurism. Reese’s favorite pastime puts her face-to-face with danger when she witnesses her neighbor Sybil being killed during sex.

From the first time they meet, sparks fly between Sexton and Reese, spawning a sexual curiosity neither can control. The more Sexton tries to keep his mind on the case, the more he’s drawn to Reese who has no problem letting him in on her fantasies, but keeps her distance when it comes to her heart.

Sexton must get Reese to trust her feelings for him if they intend to be happy, but first he must face his own demons to prove he’s ready for a new love.

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