The unspeakable night that changed my life

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May, 26th, 2021.

Intriguing, gripping and very, very steamy! Dangerous Game (Savage Hearts Book 1) is a gritty, emotional new adult romance series with damaged characters, deep secrets, and scorching heat between three frenemies-to-lovers.

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Dangerous Game (Savage Hearts Book 1)

After the unspeakable night that changed my life, I moved across the country to where no one knows me and swore off romantic relationships, determined not to let anyone get close enough to learn the truth about my past.

Then Harrison and Dez came into my life. Now I have not one, but two possessive men vying for my affection, and neither is willing to walk away without a fight.

Harrison’s part of the wealthy elite, but I suspect he’s hiding more than anyone knows beneath that cocky swagger of his. Dez is from the other side of the tracks, covered in scars and tattoos, with a brooding, dominant personality to match.

As different as they appear to be, they both have rough edges and pasts that haunts them, just like me. There’s a brokenness in all of us that fits together in ways I didn’t think possible.

Despite their intense rivalry, the chemistry between the three of us is undeniable, and explosive.

It’s the last thing I expected, but maybe everything I need…

What the Reviews Say

Kingsley, Harrison, and Dez are an unlikely combination, but together they work so well. I love the tension between them and it leaps off the pages at you as you move through the book.

I loved these characters and how we get to know them throughout this book. The chemistry is strong in this one and I am on the edge of my seat to get more in this series.

This is a story of worlds colliding. If given the chance it will be explosive. Kingsley, Harrison, and Dez commanded my attention from the first page immediately drawing me in.

This book is the ultimate edging experience, and there’re a couple of characters you’ll want to kill by the end of the book!! Definitely a one click pick up for me!

I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book that established sexual tension as quickly and successfully as this one did. Quite an accomplishment when you consider it’s between three people equally. I’m impressed. I wasn’t always a fan of Harrison and his methods but I am intrigued with his needs.