The one who still owns his heart.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
February, 5th, 2020.

A second chance romance with mystery, secrets and steam: The Lawyer’s Secret Baby is certainly not your average romance, and with hot-as-sin romance it’s a one-click must read for today!

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The Lawyer’s Secret Baby

Are the dark times behind her? 

Single mother, Harley Brand, is ready to start anew, rekindling a relationship with the man of her dreams, until the worst nightmare of her life begins. Without warning, it looks as if her future may be cruelly snatched away when someone she trusts betrays her. 

He’s older, more mature and not the same man
Harley ran from years ago. He’s returned to
Australia to claim the woman who got away, the one who still owns his heart. This time there will be
consequences for her naughty behavior.

About the Author

Polly Carter has been writing in one form or another most of her life. With more time on her hands after her children left home, she was finally able to realise her long-held desire: to write sweet romance novels where naughty girls get spanked by gorgeous men. 

“I’ve always loved the idea of being a writer and taking my work with me wherever I go. I hate being stuck in an office, and being able to travel and work at the same time seems like the perfect life. And, of course, I love love, and love writing about it.” 

Polly has four children and four grandchildren. She lives in Western Australia where she has spent most of her life. Her other passions include dogs (all animals really but maybe especially dogs), travel, reading (quantum physics, I know!!), and occasionally painting. 

You are welcome to email her at
Follow her on Twitter: @Polly_Carter1