The Killing Times (An FBI/Romance Thriller Book 1)

Book one in the unconventional Erotica series:
(Warning! Contains sex, violence, murder and mayhem. Future books in the series contain M/F/M)

Then: Salem, MA 1692. Burning, hanging, stoning and drowning were the way they killed a witch. The trials were a joke, and the deaths were a shame. The Killing times changed so many lives… forever.

Now: Salem, SC. Elizabeth LaRue has come home. After a stint in the FBI, a failed assignment and a disastrous affair, she has returned to a town she willingly walked away from, her body and heart battered and bruised. Her father’s sudden death has brought her home, opening up more questions that need answers. As she agrees to step in as Sheriff, she finds that the sleepy town isn’t quite as tranquil as she thought. A string of bizarre killings that are mimicking the Salem Witch trials is plaguing the town, and scaring the people she has sworn to protect.

Elizabeth now has to call in the FBI, and be faced with a past and people she is trying to forget. Will Ethan Blackhawk be her salvation or her ultimate downfall?

Time is running out, bodies are stacking up, and there are only two options. Stop the killer, or die trying.

Book one in the FBI Series.
Followed by;
Sacred Burial Grounds. (book 2)
True Love Lost (book 3)
Deep Dark Mire (book 4)
Fire Burns Hot (book 5)
Darkness in Truth (book 6)
Devil Hath Come (book 7)
Consumed by Wrath (book 8)
Redemption is Here (book 9)
Dead Shall Speak (book 10) Spring 2015

WARNING: Contains sex, violence, language. (Threesome in following books)

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