The guy is built like a god.

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
November, 23rd, 2020.

Sinfully steamy Sci Fi Romance that will send you into orbit. A Chance for Arus: A Sci Fi Alien Romance is a hot, naughty alien romance crammed with action, adventure, suspence, steam and super hot aliens. Don’t miss the count down deal today!

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A Chance for Arus

Playing with fire.

Recently rescued from a Dominion slave ship, the last thing Mia needs is to be bogged down by a relationship. But she can’t get the sexy mercenary and the things he did to her body out of her head. The guy is built like a god, and even better with his mouth.

Mia knows it’s dangerous to keep seeing him. Triggering his mating bond means he’d steal her away and keep her locked up on his ship.

Arus isn’t the type to settle down, but little human Mia has gotten under his skin and triggered the start of a mating bond. The smart thing to do is to stop seeing her and halt the bond in its tracks. But as one night turns into two, he realizes that it’s too late. He wants to keep her forever!

But all is not well on Reka 5. Someone is sabotaging the perimeter fence and putting the colony in danger. When human females start disappearing, will Arus be able to keep Mia safe? And will Mia choose freedom over the male who loves her more than life itself?

Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of a series. Sweet and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!

What the Reviews Say

The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world she created.

Do you want to disappear in another world for a few hours? The males are hunks and the females need to be rescued. Ohhh the make out scenes are fabulous!

This book has it all action, adventure, suspense, kidnappings, traitors, and hot aliens. The story line and continuing underlying plot is well developed and the characters easy to relate to. A great read.

Arus and Mia are a cute couple he’s way over 6 feet she is barely 5ft. Once again intolerance and fanatics cause problems but provide an entertaining story.

It was really good. Fast paced and the storyline kept you reading till the end. These two are really good together and you hope that they get their stuff together.