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Your recommended reads for today,
December, 28th, 2020.

The Black Honets MC Series Collection


From Bestselling Motorcycle Romance Author Savannah Rylan, you can get the ENTIRE Black Hornets MC series all in one box set! That is SIX steamy motorcycle romances that are hot enough to make your panties melt.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Snowed in with the Alien Warlord (Warlord Bride Index Book 1)


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You can’t trust an alien.

Penny is having the worst year. First the pretty lizard aliens show up and start murdering people. Then the “good aliens” arrive and claim they’ll defend Earth and save humanity… for a price. She knows a protection racket when she sees one. And the price? Married to an alien? No thank you.

Kol has one mission: destroy the Suhlik. He’s not interested in this new planet, Earth, or the strange soft-skinned inhabitants. On a scouting mission, he catches the luscious scent of his mate and must find her in the rubble of a ruined city and bring her to the safe zone.

When Kol is wounded protecting Penny, she just can’t leave him to freeze to death in a blizzard. Besides, no one is asking her to marry him, just keep him from becoming a popsicle. She doesn’t trust him and all this nonsense about being his mate could be hypothermia talking. The more time she spends with the brawny alien warrior, the more she can’t deny the heat between them.

Once she is safe in his powerful embrace, being married to an alien is looking better by the minute.
The Warlord Bride Index is a series of standalone stories set in the Warlord Brides universe.

🔥 Heat Level 5

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Whip Smart

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Escaping her past is hard. Falling in love is even harder…

Teresa Bodnar is desperate for a fresh start. Determined to move forward, Tera makes a bold move: founding the first club in the city to act as a safe haven where her most secret desires can be fulfilled.

But acting on those desires in the wake of the nightmare she left behind is something else entirely, especially when unexpected romantic entanglements complicate matters of business. Since the moment they met, the chemistry between Tera and easy-going Dominant Eric Yun has been undeniably scorching, yet Tera finds herself denying it at every turn.

She’s falling for him hard and fast, but if life’s taught her anything, it’s that the harder the fall, the worse the pain – a pain she’d do anything to save Eric from. But the harder she resists their magnetic attraction, the faster her resistance seems to crumble…

🔥 Heat Level 5

Darcy’s Wedding Surprise (Darcy’s Winter Nights)

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The winter weather is cold outside, but Darcy turns up the heat…

With the marriage contract signed, Darcy and Lizzy are losing patience with the proprieties. With help from an unexpected quarter, Darcy plans a surprise for his betrothed.

Lizzy longs to become Darcy’s wife and escape to the seclusion of Pemberley. She knows little of what to expect of the marriage bed, but his enticing kisses offer a promise of things to come.

Can they manage a secret tryst without tarnishing Lizzy’s reputation? Or will Darcy’s surprise be their undoing?⁠

This short “Pride and Prejudice” sensual intimate variation is for readers who enjoy our dear couple with a little sugar and a little spice.⁠

♨️ Heat Level 4

New York Engagement: Carpe Diem Chronicles 1.5

Love takes you to unexpected places
Krista Lopez has traveled from the white sands of Boracay Island to the bright lights of New York City for love. With Carpe diem as her motto and her boyfriend by her side, she is confident she can take on The Big Apple and the prospect of …

Meeting the Parents
Blake Ryan won the approval of his girlfriend’s conservative family in the Philippines. Now, he’s eager to introduce the woman he loves to his Irish-American clan. To share his past with her as he prepares to ask her to be part of his future. But an urgent call in the middle of the night reminds him that things can change …

In a New York Minute
When a life-changing secret is revealed, will the ensuing fireworks blow up Krista and Blake’s romance? Or will they signal the celebration of a lasting commitment?

♥️ Heat Level 3