The four hottest guys on the university’s baseball team!

They wanted me; they just didn’t know who I was.

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October, 18th, 2019.

Four times the fun!!!! Quadruple Sext is a hot and funny, standalone reverse harem bully romance from the fantastic Stephanie Brother – so you know it’s going to be blazing hot.

Grab your copy today for just 99c or FREE on KU!


Quadruple Sext: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance

They say that revenge is sweet. It’s even more delicious when it involves hooking up with four guys in Vegas.

The Rome Brothers; Michael, Adam, Tristan, and Daniel. The four hottest guys on the baseball team who Amanda, the university bully desired the most. 

I shouldn’t have text them pretending to be Amanda, but it was time to get my own back on the uni bully and I wasn’t going to do it alone…


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