The Enchanted Crossroads (Enchanted by the Craft Book 1)

A Vengeful God An army of evil warlocks An inexperienced witch the worlds only hope brbr Kairas life was going according to plan until the death of her mother revealed a worldshattering secret She was a witch brbr To save the world shes going to have to find the sisters she didnt know existed with powers she doesnt know how to use brbr Leif the driven coven leader rescues her from the warlocks trying to kill her Their spark is instant Hell teach her how to be a witch if they dont let their romance get in the way brbr Armed with her new skills aided by her love interest Leif Kaira embarks on a quest to find her siblings and save the world brbr If you love supernatural suspense and steamy romance youll love this spellbinding adventure

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