The Black Cobra MC Series: Books 1-4 (The Black Cobras MC)

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Best selling Motorcycle Romance author Savannah Rylan along with author Kasey Krane do it again! The Black Cobras are action packed, full of lusty bikers, and the women they’ve sworn to protect. This four book series is available for a limited time! Get your hands on this set and cuddle up with the bad boys of The Black Cobras MC.

I got out of the club. But they pulled me back in.
My brother Grimm is the president of the Black Cobras MC.
When I left the club behind years ago, I never planned to be apart of it again.
Until my brother was kidnapped.
Now, I am the only one who can bring him back. I can’t afford any distractions,
But when Carli shows up, with beautiful curves and legs for days,
I was willing to make an exception.
I don’t fully trust her, but she needs our help.
I’ll make sure to keep her close to see where her true loyalties lie.
In the end, I will have a choice to make.
Save my brother,
Or save my heart.

She needed my help.
Pretty little thing walking alone at night in this neighborhood is a bad idea.
It doesn’t surprise me when I see some of those idiot Sons of Satan messing with a girl like her.
But I can’t allow that.
Not here, not on my turf.
Vivian isn’t from around here, I can tell the second she gets on my bike.
She needs money though, and we need a bartender.
Not to mention, she’s a knockout.
When the Sons of Satan make another attempt on her life though, we’re in an all-out war.
I have to decide between my club…
And my girl.

She was the one that got away.
Samantha had been my biggest crush as a boy.
But now we’re all grown up and everything’s different.
She’s with the Sons of Satan and I’m a Black Cobra through and through.
It would never work.
Until one night between the sheets changes everything.
Now she’s an informant for us, risking her life to tell us whatever she hears.
I don’t want her in the middle though.
Simple solution.
It’s time to end the Sons of Satan for good.

She’s using me. And I don’t mind.
Thea wants information.
Her brother was killed by Gunther and she’s out for revenge.
My type of girl.
She’s willing to do anything.
Even use herself as bait.
But after one night with her, I can’t let her do it.
I’m supposed to protect her, not put her in more danger.
But if you know Thea, you know no man tells her what to do.
She’s a total badass.
Doesn’t mean I won’t put my life on the line for her.
Because when all this is over?
She’s going to be mine forever.