The battle lines are drawn and neither of us intends to play fair.



Our recommended read for today,
January, 7th, 2020.

Oh, boy… things are going to get crazy. Hatefully Yours is an intense romance with a great enemies-to-lovers storyline that will keep you gripped as well as melting your kindle. Caution: extremely hot romance!

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Hatefully Yours:
An Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance

Five years ago I left Cabot Beach with a broken heart, but I didn’t leave without telling the guy who broke it how much it hurt.

All of my emotion and angst was written in a letter that ended with Hatefully Yours.
Five years later, the guy I never thought I would see again is my new boss.
He doesn’t want to put things in the past or move on.
He wants to destroy me.
Guess what? I feel the same way.

The battle lines are drawn and neither of us intends to play fair.

But there are things I never knew about what happened in Cabot Beach the night my life took an unexpected turn, and finding out the truth may be more painful than losing him to begin with.

This is a full length Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance.

What the Reviews Say

The amount of tension, sparks and raw emotion is this book is colossal! This book is a very intense and emotional roller coaster ride that will suck you in and often leave you breathless.

This is a brothers best friend/enemies to lovers/office romance that has the drama, the feels, relatable characters and the scorching hot se* in a mix that is so sinfully delicious. I couldn’t love this story anymore if I tried.

I absolutely felt like a sponge with this one. I understood Brooke and my heart broke for her. Trent was caught in the Venus flytrap, he wanted her but between her brother and him being prone to making bad choices. He held back. Feelings this intense can only be denied for so long.

Kelli nailed it with this story, the Trent and Brooke has so much depth. Their chemistry was off the charts and I found myself internally yelling at Trent a few choice words a time or two. I loved the plot and how Brooke wasn’t a pushover, she definitely stood her ground. I really enjoyed this and the ending was just perfect!

A good enemies to lovers romance, after Trent broke Brookes heart years ago she ends up working for him and sparks fly, the tension, chemistry, raw emotions, twists and more will captivate you from the beginning, a must read.