The Alien Bounty Hunters Complete Series: Books 1-8

One touch is all it takes…

Warning: Each story in this sci fi romance series contains a never-before-touched, seven-foot-tall alpha alien Bounty Hunter who remains unmated until the moment his bare claw accidentally clasps the palm of the human who is about to become his Bride. Each warrior is shocked to discover a female from this rare species is his fated mate.

Get the complete Alien Bounty Hunter series in one location! The prequel, three novellas, five full-length novels, an extended epilogue and a series Glossary:
Kroga’s Bride
Rayzor’s One
Joyzal’s Prize
Kayzon’s Wish
Syrin’s Mate
Zhoryan’s Game
Daxon’s Hostage
Kroga’s Redemption

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