Tempted Beyond Reason: & Tempted Beyond Relief (A 2-in-1 bundle) (Deal Duos Collection Book 1)

This is a 2-in-1 curvy girl romance bundled set containing two heroes-out-of-uniform standalonesTempted Beyond Reason and Tempted Beyond Relief. That means twice the heat, double the ultra-protective gruffness, and of course, two happily-ever-after endings with all the feels and all the swoon. Enjoy!


There’s a reason I was hired to protect her by one of the few former military buddies I consider a friend. Because I’m the man people call to get the job done, even if the job is guarding the sweetest, most distracting woman I’ve ever known.

I’ve somehow been able to keep my hands off her lush curves these past months as her bodyguard, but that’s before I learn why she’s avoiding the biggest decision of her life. The surgery could either restore her sight or take away what little she can see forever; and I’m the reason she’s been holding off.

She says she wants one night with me—her first time, no less—while she still has a fraction of her vision left. Hell, I don’t know what the right thing to do here is. But what I do know is that protecting her isn’t just a job for me anymore.

And one night? That’s damn sure not going to cut it.

Author’s Note: I went with a hero-POV tale for a fun & sexy change here. Buff, gruff bodyguard Wake Robinson just had too many yummy, growly thoughts and I just had to write this story from his POV. Happy reading!

Previously published as Waking Up Her Curves (c) 2015, revised throughout with newly added content and an extended ending.

Enjoy two-for-one SAVINGS with this **UPDATED 2021 Edition** that now includes the standalone, Tempted Beyond Relief (now included only in this two-book bundle, no longer available separately).

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Wylie: She’s done a bang-up job hiding her past from everyone with that tough exterior of hers, but she can’t hide forever. And the more I get to know every facet of Rhea, learn every vulnerability, experience every hot fantasy, the more I’m certain of who she really is. So how would I describe the stubborn woman? That’s easy. She’s strong, selfless, sexy as hell…and mine.

Rhea: I know he wants to break down my walls. I get it, because he’s built them around his heart, too. Wylie and I, we’re not that different; he knows all about sacrifice and duty—to others, to our past. That’s probably why we’re both such control freaks at work, and in life in general.So how do I feel about him being so darn bossy in bed? Ha! Get a court order and I’ll give up the answer.

Previously published as Dirty Sweet Curves (c) 2015, revised throughout with newly added content and an extended ending.

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