Tall, wicked, and cloaked in dark power. [Free read!]

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
July, 20th, 2020.

A twisted take on a fairy tale. Crown of Frost: A Wicked Faerie Tale Romance is a fabulous romantic fantasy that will cast its spell on you from the first page. Steamy romance from a wonderful author not to be missed. Binge the full series now too!

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Crown of Frost:
A Wicked Faerie Tale Romance

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Wicked fae, shattered memories… and a dream that just won’t die.

Nightmares still plague Elaine, five years after her escape from the darkest realm in faerie. Elaine’s memories are scattered and torn, but one uneasy remnant haunts her dreams: a mysterious man with cold blue eyes. When Elaine’s nightmares return for her, so too does the man from her dreams. Tall, wicked, and cloaked in dark power, Liam claims that he’s come to protect Elaine… but he might be the most dangerous temptation of all.

Adult fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas will love this modern faerie tale romance that reviewers say “brought back my love of the paranormal.” Dive into Crown of Frost and read the book that started the Faerie Lords series.

What the Reviews Say

This incredible book had me hooked within the first chapter and I finished it in 1 day. I appreciate that this is unlike any witches/magic/fantasy book I have ever read. I really enjoy the fact that not everyone has the same kind of magic. It is really up to the individual to choose how to wield and learn the powers they are given.

Fans of paranormal romance will love this book. It’s the start to an unimaginable world that pulls you in and won’t let go of it’s spell over you even after you finish it.

This is a great story with a great plot line and great characters easy to enjoy. There are some rather hot scenes, but they just enhance the book. The book was very enjoyable.

An engrossing story reminiscent of fairy tales and complete with a happy ending. Though it is the first in a series, it is meant to be read as a stand-alone novel.

A unique twist on witches and the fae. The use of the zodiac as a way to categorize witches it’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read and I loved being able to dive into the different types of witches versus the ordinary ones you typically read about!