Suite Encounter: A Standalone Steamy Billionaire Romance

Once, I had a huge crush on him. Then, I rejected everything he stood for. Now, he’s my new boss.

Billionaire entrepreneur Landon Birmingham rescues me from the most crushingly awkward moment of my life. He offers me a job when I need it most. For a while, I’m lulled into believing he’s the kind man I knew ten years ago.

But he’s changed.

Forget the 1%. He’s now the 0.001%. He and his brothers have built a luxury residential tower nicknamed Billionaire Heights. Each suite is a penthouse, and only the richest of the rich need apply.

As Landon’s personal assistant, I’m drawn into his world of five-star dining, high-stakes bachelor auctions, and cars that cost more than my apartment.

Gradually, I show him my world, too, and while homemade picnics, free concerts in the park, and public transportation are foreign to him, it’s clear there’s more to Landon than a rich playboy with a smoking hot body.

Each time we’re together, my feelings for him grow. But just when I conclude he’s still a good man I could love, a secret from my past emerges that tests us both.

**Suite Encounter is a romance novel with steamy scenes, no cheating, and a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone, but the books featuring Landon’s brothers are coming soon.**

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