Steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance.

Our recommended read for today,
May, 31st, 2020.

Steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance you’d adore! Anatoly: Ruthless (Bad Russian Book 11) has pent-up passion and fulfillment of raw, surging need, enough to start a forest fire. Yet another lava-hot must-read from Alice May Ball!

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Anatoly: Ruthless (Bad Russian Book 11)

I’m not looking for love, and definitely not if it means leaving a witness.

But her heart’s in my sights the first time I see her. Her lips are my next target, and her soft curves spell danger. I must have her, spread her open and spear the whole of her heart.​​

First, I must save her, witness or not. No time to explain, I have ninety minutes to get this done.​​

I have to have her, to take her and make her safe. And make her mine, completely. Whatever it takes, I will claim her.

​​THERE’S A KILLER IN TOWN, an older man with a ruthless streak a foot long and a fist thick. And I’m about to discover how closely he’s watching me.​​

I’m sent to wait alone on the quayside, to finalize a dirty money deal. I know I’m out of my depth. A strange Russian voice calls, a voice dripping with sin. He tells me I’m in danger. I have to get away. He tells me to run.​​

Do I run, or do I stay? Either way, I risk having the devil inside of me.​