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June, 8th, 2020.

Millionaire Boss: A Secret Baby Romance

It was easy for me to make the mistake of
sleeping with my boss.
And much, much harder to actually deal with it.

Quentin Freeman. He’s a millionaire.
Owner of a racing company.
Every woman’s wildest dream.
Unfortunately, including mine. His employee.
That wild dream turned into reality when we hooked up in my office.
Then again, outside, behind the office building.
Now that was only the fun part.
The only way I thought I could escape him was to freeze him out.
But how do I escape from the father of my child?
A child that he knows nothing about.
I know I have to tell him about my secret baby.

And that… is going to be the not-so-fun part.

? Heat Level 5

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? Heat Level 5

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47 Things

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

I wasn’t his sweetheart, and he should have known my name. But it was the moment I became caught in Tyler Lohan’s sights and learned how short forever really was…

♥️ Heat Level 3

Suddenly Daddy

Falling for my nanny is the last thing I need. I never expected to be a father—until I inherited Grace. That’s why I hired Presley. The problem? I can’t keep my eyes off him.

? Heat Level 5

Heart Shaped Spotlight: Second Chance Rockstar Romance

It’s one thing to pine for the perfect man you lost years ago. It’s another thing to turn on the TV and hear him singing directly to you.

When my parents moved me away from Nate, it was almost a relief. I couldn’t live without him, but it was too hard always being so close to his spotlight. Having the decision torn away from me almost made it easier.
Now he’s found me again.
The instant bliss is soured by the old problems returning. He’s the only person to ever crack the shell I hold around myself.
He’s larger than life, and I’m too timid to handle it.
Yet I’m already under his spell again.

Not a day went by that my heart didn’t ache for her. Every song I wrote was colored by memories of my high school love.
Now that I have her in my arms again, I’m keeping her in my life.
I’ll do anything to find a way.
I don’t need the spotlight, as long as I have her heart.

♨️ Heat Level 4