She won’t be faking it for long…

Our recommended read for today,
July, 21st, 2020.

Romance with a large side of a fake engagement? Yes, please!! The Proposal is a super sexy new enemies-to-lovers romance with a swoon-worthy alpha and a feisty female lead you’ll love. You’ll be rooting for these two from the first page.

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The Proposal

When I envisioned Zara Logan dropping to her knees in front of me, this wasn’t what I had in mind…

I was expecting a lot less glaring and a lot more moaning.

Instead, she’s proposing an enticing deal that I can’t bear to walk away from.

To land one of the city’s biggest clients, she wants us to put our differences aside and play fake fiancés for the next thirty days.

So, I slip the diamond ring onto her finger and agree to play the perfect fiancé. How hard can this be?

A hell of a lot harder than I thought…

She’s infuriatingly stubborn and she thinks I’m a cocky jerk with an enormous ego. (She’s right, but I can definitely back it up…)

As our long days stretch into even later nights, it’s getting harder to remember we’re only playing pretend, which means one thing.

She won’t be faking it for long…

What the Reviews Say

Loved this story! Sexual tension and slow burn galore… meddling friends & neighbors… family issues… angst and a whole lotta love.

Queue the humor and off the charts sexual tension. Zara and Leo are going to make magic if they can just get past her need to control everything and his laid back attitude. Compromise and trust will be their key to success.

When you find out Maya Hughes has a new series coming out your whole summer is made!! I was so excited for The Proposal and it was a huge hit!!! Zara Logan is one of the most fierce, feisty, won’t back down heroines I’ve ever had the luxury to read. I loved how she went for what she wanted and fought to get it.

This had all the slow burn/enemies to lovers goodness that I wanted, with a couple that I was rooting for from the very beginning. I really, really enjoyed it.

This story will have you laughing, sighing and swooning, and wanting more from this new cast of characters. It’s refreshing and relatable, and I can’t wait for what’s to come next! Well done once again M Hughes!!