She woke up the beast I had locked away.

She woke up the beast I had locked away.

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September, 12th, 2019.

He’s an ex-military guy with a past, she’s his little sister’s best friend. K C Crowne’s newest release, Junior For The Mountain Man, is a sensational read. Filled with love, romance, danger and suspense, you’ll be gripped to the very last page.

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Junior For The Mountain Man

The marines prepared me for everything…
Except for the most important job on the planet.

A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today.
Then Piper walked back into my life.
She woke up the beast I had locked away.
I need to have her.
Own her.
Taste her.

But, men with a death wish want to harm her and Caleb.
I’ll protect them both…
And finally show my little sister’s best friend…
What she’s meant to me all these years.

What the Reviews Say

Grant and Piper had me from the word go! Loved that Grant was a returned from Afghanistan Marine with baggage to work through. Piper was adorable, kind, loving and had been quite smitten with Grant since she was 17. She was trying to help care for her nephew when all he’ll breaks loose and you’ll never see the end coming!

This book was so exciting and also very emotional and romantic. I felt sorry for Caleb he is so lucky to have Piper in his life. I really enjoyed this book.

KC Crowne’s latest romance explores all types of love. Some loves are healthy and productive; others are destructive and dangerous. But Crowne’s clear message is that love triumphs and heals.

That ending though was something. In the end they got a lovely HEA. A very good read.

There are so many twists and turns to this story will keep you riveted until the very last page.I love the way this amazing author brings the characters to life before your eyes and makes you feel their emotions and their pain.


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