She was a hot mess. And she had no idea just how attractive she was.

Our pick of Oh, Daddy! Romance for today,
May, 16th 2020.

A disciplining daddy and a very sassy heroine who thrives on her hero’s special brand of punishment. Sizzling Hot Daddy (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 1) is hot, forbidden deliciously naughty and comes with a melt-worthy happily ever after.

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Sizzling Hot Daddy

From the moment he performs his house call, Luke is into Gracie.

Her ruffly panties, little girl squeals and delicious voluptuousness made him want to eat her up and go all Daddy Dom on her.

Too bad she is the best friend of his best friend’s wife. Luke didn’t know what he was thinking. He never should have agreed to let Gracie stay at his place because the temptation was driving him mad. He was a self- confessed control freak who loved to dominate, surely that would be too much for this little girl. She was adorable. She was a hot mess. And she had no idea just how attractive she was.

♥If he didn’t take her over his knee soon he was going to lose it.♥ 

⚠Warning: This book contains a panty-dropping, spanking Daddy Dom and a heroine who craves his commanding brand of passion. It does not feature age play, pacis or diapers. This story is written for mature audiences. It contains sexual scenes intended for adults only. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.⚠

What the Reviews Say

Their chemistry is undeniable, and their relationship progresses forward quickly. Ghosts from the past, try to hinder their relationship. Good book, well written!

This is truly an Olivia Fox masterpiece. I loved the sweetness of the story, but I Loved the spanking and heated parts. If you like daddy com books then this is for you..

This one is a hit! Loved the characters. Felt as though they were very relatable. Really got a kick out of it. Understood the whole panic/anxiety thing very well, even though I was surprised to see it described so well. This story has a lot going on and there are plenty of feels.

The chemistry between the hero and heroine is sizzling hot. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a great love story.

This book had some steamy spankings all the while trying to chase away the bad thoughts of Gracie childhood memories. Like is just the Daddy Dom that falls for Gracie and all her lovely curves but he has to earn her trust.