She guards her secret desire she for her guardian.

The closer she gets, the more exposed his darkest secret.

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December, 12th, 2019.

Be prepared to fall (and fall hard) for Liam… Overture is a passionate and forbidden romance filled with drama, intrigue and revealing secrets. Nothing can ever be the same after the secrets are all laid bare. This a must-read. 

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Swoon-worthy, forbidden, and sexy, Liam North is my new obsession.” – New York Times bestselling author Claire Contreras

The world knows Samantha Brooks as the violin prodigy. She guards her secret truth–the desire she harbors for her guardian.

Liam North got custody of her six years ago. She’s all grown up now, but he still treats her like a child.

No matter how much he wants her.

No matter how bad he aches for one taste.

Her sweet overtures break down the ex-soldier’s
defenses, but there’s more at stake than her body. Every touch, every kiss, every night. The closer she gets, the more exposed his darkest secret.

She’s one step away from finding out what happened the night she lost her family. One step away from leaving him forever.


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