She gets goosebumps every time she’s near him.

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February, 29th, 2020.

An explosive office romance. In His Office is full of taboo chemistry. A high-powered alpha and a naive graduate as his assistant embark on the ultimate office romance… what happens when the boss breaks every one of his own rules?

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In His Office

“Don’t tell anyone about what happens in here. Never ever.”

Amelia is desperate: Her new boss is not only cold and arrogant but also dominant and demanding. Apart from that, Robert Hardy looks like a GQ model and she gets goosebumps every time she’s near him.

He has two firm rules for his company. Number one: Never get involved with a female employee. Number two: Never break rule number one.

His charming side seems to be reserved for clients. Nothing Amelia does ever seems to be good enough for him. And with each time she messes something up, with every unwritten law she breaks, she fears she will lose the job she needs so badly.

Until Robert finally starts ordering Amelia in his
office. And tells her to close the door. For good reason: Suddenly Robert starts breaking his own rules … as well as Amelia’s heart?

What the Reviews Say

WOW!! Robert and Amy are explosive!! Robert is a high powered attorney and Amy is fresh out of law school. Robert is a overbearing jerk. Amy is naive. The chemistry these two have is out of this world. About halfway through the story, I thought it was ending…but the whole story turned around!

What a great story and well worth your time reading it. It is exciting, surprising, intriguing, suspenseful and has a lot of twists and turns. These two have a start with each other that is him saving her and then offering her a job. But he is not what he seems. And the road to love is not always smooth. Very well written!

Robert is a high-powered attorney who has a reputation as the boss from hell, and he hires Amelia who is freshly graduated as his new assistant. This is a well written story which had me intrigued and hooked throughout!

Very interesting story! It has a lot of ups and downs that pull you into the book. You have to keep reading to see what happens!

Great characters that will keep your interest extremely well. I loved how the relationship unfolded so we could see these amazing characters grow in ways they never expected!