Setting yourself up for another heartbreak…

Our recommended read for today,
April, 20th, 2021.

There’s nothing quite like an age-gap, forbidden fruit, secret baby romance to give us all the feels! Knocked Up by Daddy’s Best Friend is exactly that… and more. If you enjoy twisty romance with all the highs and lows, and an unbelievable HEA that will leave you glowing for days, then this is your next one-click read!

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Knocked Up by Daddy’s Best Friend: An Age Gap Pregnancy Romance

What’s dumber than being betrayed by the love of your life and watching him cheat on you with your best friend?

Falling for your daddy’s best friend and setting yourself up for another heartbreak…

Joel was just trying to console me.
Or at least that’s what he told himself… and I believed him.
And so, I let him get close.
Really close.
Dangerously close.
Joel was supposed to be the “safe” guy.
But instead, his love for my curves became a problem for both of us.
My dad found out.
His ex-wife began wanting him back.
The barriers kept getting higher until neither of us wanted to deal with them.
It would’ve been easy to walk away if…
I hadn’t gotten pregnant.
Running was now no longer an option… or was it?

Fall in love with this deliciously sinful, kindle melting hot, and forbidden temptation from Sofia T Summers. No cheating or cliffhanger – EVER.
All books in this series stand alone and do not have to be read in order.

What the Reviews Say

A sweet, sexy and very emotional story. Joel and Casey were very likeable and interesting characters. There was a lot of family drama and some dark moments in this great read.

The chemistry between Joel and Casey burns red hot and someone might get burned. What a great read with interesting twists and an intense romance.

I feel a personal connection to Casey because I have been in a situation similar to hers. It’s difficult to let go and trust again. When Joel consoles her, they both get more than they bargained for!

Life has a way of happening such as an ex wife, a pregnancy and a daughter dating an older man. I would highly recommend reading this steamy story!

The great plot was professionally written, and the characters were so well developed that as I turned each page the chemistry between the characters kept me totally hooked until the very last page!