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September, 3rd, 2021.

The Sassy Submissive

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A Dom with trust issues and a submissive pretending to be something she’s not… what could possibly go wrong?

“If you’ve ever wanted to be part of an intimate real world BDSM circle, but leaving the house isn’t your jam… the Stronghold series is the perfect fictional home away from home.”
– Loki Renard, USA Today Bestselling Author

After years of reading but never doing, Angel is finally ready to explore her fantasies in real life.

The only problem?

She’ll have to learn the ropes all alone.

At least, that’s what she thinks…

Heat Level 5

Wild With You

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A brand new firefighter series from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

All bets are off when a hotshot firefighter and a homecoming queen whose crown slipped off meet in the wilds of Alaska.

I’m a city girl. Not the type to fall for a firefighter.

Or, the broody single father next door.

Who knew one kiss would light a fire?

Heat Level 4

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Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Her Cocky Cowboys (Men of Montana)

My world finally felt balanced again—until two smokin’-hot cowboys rode in and flipped everything upside down.

After a tragedy derailed my future and sent me back home to the family ranch, I settled into my new life. It wasn’t the grand adventure I’d envisioned, but it was something. It was enough. Until Boone Tate and Cade Winslow sauntered in with their work-worn boots and their vows to keep me safe from the anonymous intruder threatening me and my animals.

They’re so different—Cade with his cocky grin and mile-wide streak of mischief; Boone with his quiet warmth and fierce protectiveness. These two are men—and they’re just what I want. What I need. Even if they are older than me.

But it’s not all sunsets and happy trails. I still don’t know who’s targeting my ranch. I still don’t know how Boone and Cade really feel about making this thing between the three of us more than a fling. One thing I do know, though?

This is gonna be one hell of a ride!

Heat Level 4

Taken to Voraxia:
A SciFi Alien Romance

Blue skin. Seven feet. Strapped with corded muscle, the aliens have come again but this time, their king is here and he’s watching me with hunger.

A hybrid with red alien skin and brown human eyes, I’ve got no family and am not desired by colony men. I’m an inventor, a mechanic, a tinkerer. The alien king seeks to claim me, but he’ll have to find me first.

Our little colony is a scary, desperate place and I’m willing to meet it head on if it means escaping him and the alien sensations he stirs deep in my gut, where light and truth cannot touch them.

She is my Xiveri mate, yet she runs from me – straight into the horrors of her savage moon colony. Does she not know that I would slaughter in her defense? Nox, she does not.

My brilliant hybrid thinks herself a slave – my slave – and in place of acceptance, offers me only pacts and bargains. Shamed by her pacts, I still take them all gluttonously, because she is mine – my hybrid, my Xiveri mate, Voraxia’s queen and mine to worship.

Heat Level 4


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Protect the secret, protect the heir.

Seventeen-year-old Kayla thought when she finally received her magic, she would help her parents in their supernatural rescue work. She was wrong. Instead, she is thrust into a dark and dangerous mission to find Killian – a shifter she knows nothing about.

Blake, a kind-hearted sixteen-year-old, shows her light in the darkness, but when his family are taken by a group of shifter hunters, she becomes tangled in a secret she must be willing to die for.

Chased across the country, Blake and Kayla are caught in a lethal battle for superiority between shifters and magic users. Will they be able to accept the devastating consequences their hunt for an alliance may bring?

HUNTED is the first book in the Bloodline Alliance series, a YA urban fantasy novel with romance, shifters, and magic.

Heat Level 2


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The jig was up: After living as a struggling artist for over a year, Elle Anderton’s secret—she’s really an heir to the Anderton Oil fortune—is revealed. Though her boyfriend is livid about her lies, he starts to understand why she needed them. But when Elle suggests a series of love tests to prove that Darren isn’t after her billion dollar trust fund, will his understanding have its limits?

Warning: Cruel. (16,600 words) contains name games, tomato titillation, painted pleasures, and threesomes gone wrong. This story is the first installation of The Billionaire Bitch Trilogy.

Heat Level 5