Secret this BIG broke us in the first place.

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January, 25th, 2021.

A fully standalone romance from the bestselling Mountain Men of Liberty Series: Mountain Daddy’s Fate is a wonderful story of a mountain man’s babies, a second chance romantic suspense. Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Liberty, Utah as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love.

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Mountain Daddy’s Fate:
A Mountain Man’s Baby, Second Chance Romance

“A secret this BIG is what broke us in the first place.”

Three things I know about Eli:

  1. I broke his heart over a decade ago.
  2. The reason I left him was unspeakable. A secret I’ve kept hidden all these years.
  3. Even though I’m engaged to another man I’m still madly in love with him. How is this my life!?

And now, Eli’s about to receive the biggest shock of his life.
But are there some wounds that time simply can’t heal?!?