Saved by the Hitmen – A Menage Romance

When you threaten her, you deal with us—and no one who does that lives to tell the tale.


Hitmen. Assassins. Monsters. Call us what you like, but what we do is clean up messes—human messes the world is better off without. We’re a well-oiled machine, and we always get the job done. But it’s time to get out of the game. The plan: cash out on a couple more jobs and disappear. Hang up our weapons and live life easy.

And we’ve found the perfect girl to do it with. Maribelle is our perfect match—she’s smart, driven, and hot as hell. Best of all, she wants both of us in her life.

But for men like us, there are no clean breaks, and the people after us are no small-time gangsters. They’re the real deal, and they’re out for our blood—and hers. Before her, maybe the bastards could have taken us down.

But now we have a reason to fight. To survive. Because she’s our forever—and no one who threatens her is getting out alive.

***Saved by the Hitmen is a standalone ménage romance with sizzling pops of action and relentless heat. Guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger.***

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