RUTHLESS: A Ménage Romance (Road Kings MC Book 2)

Think what you like about bikers—it’s probably true—but we’re loyal as hell, and we protect what’s ours. No matter what.


With checkered pasts and grease under our nails, we’re rough around the edges—we know that. And we don’t pretend to want much more than time to work on our bikes and freedom to ride.

One of us is an ex-con widower and the other a cocky, shameless flirt, so we’ve both been mostly happy to jump from woman to woman without getting serious. But that all goes out the window when we meet Tessa—a schoolteacher with a buttoned-up attitude but fire in her eyes.

For a rule-follower like Tessa, we’re risky. We straddle the line between rebellious and outright lawless, and letting go to take a chance on us is way out of her comfort zone. But when we get her on the back of our bikes, we feel her come alive.

Proving we’re worthy of her will be harder than rebuilding the finest machine ever to roll into our shop. But she deserves it.

And anyway—taking something beautiful and making it run like new? Letting it fulfill its potential, in all its glory? Hell, that’s what we do best.

***Ruthless is a steamy biker ménage romance with two tough-as-nails men who unleash the darkness that lives inside to ruthlessly hunt down the madman threatening their woman. HEA.***

Author’s note: This book was previously released under the title Wrecked. It has been re-written with loads of fresh, new content.

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