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Your recommended reads for today,
September, 7th, 2020.

On the Wings of War

The coveted Morrígan’s staff is up for sale on the black market to the highest bidder, and SOA Special Agent Patrick Collins will do whatever it takes to ensure the Dominion Sect doesn’t get their hands on it.

Obeying the gods means Patrick must travel to London. For Jonothon de Vere, it means facing a past he thought he’d left behind. His return to England isn’t welcome, and neither is their pack, but Jono and Patrick will face the antagonism together. Politics aside, their priority must be the mission, but the chilling secret they uncover in the London god pack will have far-reaching repercussions no one can ignore.

A race against time takes Patrick and Jono from the streets of London to the bright lights of Paris, where hospitality is thin on the ground, the air is filled with prayers for the missing, and the Morrígan’s staff will end up in the one place it should never have gone—a graveyard.

For beneath Paris lie the long-forgotten dead, and when they rise to walk again, the living can only hope to die.

♥️ Heat Level 3

Purrfectly Matched

A contemporary riff on Puss in Boots featuring a fake relationship, a cinnamon roll hero and a very snarky cat.

They call me Boots. I’m a cat with a problem. See, I used to live in a mansion where I spent my days lounging on velvet pillows. But fate played a dirty trick and landed me in a dinky apartment with this guy Caleb Miller. He’s okay for a human, but he’s not rich. If I ever want to get back to the plush life I had before—the life I deserve—I’ve got to come up with a plan.

That’s where Victoria LeRoi comes in. She’s got plenty of money but no luck when it comes to love. Caleb’s been carrying a torch for her since high school. When he agrees to play her fake boyfriend for an upcoming wedding, I’m one happy cat. All they have to do is fall in love and my plan’s a success. They get each other and I get to live in the lap of luxury again.

If only they don’t let their fears get the best of them. If Victoria ’s creepy ex-boyfriend and her snotty cousin don’t tear them apart.

Humans have a terrible way of messing up a cat’s purrfect plans…

? Heat Level 1

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By Misadventure

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Chloe was bored. And lonely. She wanted excitement and little did she know, more thrills and lust than she could ever imagine would be delivered from the other end of a ringing pay phone.

But by the end of her lustful thrill ride, will she ultimately wish she had never picked up?

? Heat Level 5


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An enemies-to-lovers, captive romance.

Captured by a terrifying beast, Nayla’s survival depends on keeping silent. But her captor’s skills with ropes, restraints, and intense pleasure are unrivaled, leaving her desperate to trust him with her body and her secrets. Maybe even her heart.

As danger mounts, will he be her destruction or her salvation?

? Heat Level 5

Solace (Love and Second Chances Book 1)

A second chance romance about friendship, new beginnings, and putting the pieces back together.

Two years after my divorce I’m ready to push through the pain.

I didn’t expect to cross paths with Rae—in a chat room of all places. She was my first love, who I met in college. Ten years ago, I walked away from us at a time when she needed me.

My first instinct is to run—it would be too easy to fall in love again.

Real love has evaded me since Lindsay, my first love and the girl I left behind. It’s been a string of friends with benefits—I give my body but never my heart.

The girl I loved is now a woman with a broken heart and everything in me yearns to coax her back to life.

That’s why I’m inviting her to stay with me in Ireland.

♨️ Heat Level 4