Reverse harem romance drenched in Scottish mythology.

Our pick of Reverse Harem Romance for today,
December, 8th, 2020.

Disappear into glorious Scottish mythology in this superbly written romance: From the Deeps is filled with sensationally steamy scenes, an intriguing storyline and a reverse harem romance that will enthrall and thrill you. #whychoose

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From the Deeps

Who knows what ascends from the Deeps…

Macey is really quite ordinary, if you ignore that she’s a kelpie princess living on land. Still, her life is boring until she gets kidnapped by a man who doesn’t quite know why he kidnapped her. Try and figure that one out.

Thankfully, he and his two companions are prepared to help her find out why she can’t return to Earth from their house in the Mists. Now the only problem is that Macey keeps getting distracted by the three mysterious and very sexy men…

A reverse harem romance drenched in Scottish mythology. First book in the completed Seven Wardens series. Also available as audiobook.

What the Reviews Say

This story intrigued me. I loved the characters, slowly learning what they are and watching as they interacted. I love that they are all different, with varying levels of knowledge. The world building is great, each new place has enough detail so you know where you are but not enough to overwhelm. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Loved seeing the supernatural world, and all that we know about it on it’s head – human rumour vs real life (or real for the book!).

Loved the character dynamics and their individual personalities. The story was full of action, suspense, intrigue, hot chemistry and romance.

Great new start to a new series, some sexy scenes but are very well written, fantastic storyline and awesome characters. Well worth the read.

Greenwood and MacKinnon have created some intriguing characters and this book feels like an introduction to a world of lesser-known supernatural creatures from Celtic mythology. The relationships feel genuine and the sex scenes are hot but I can’t help but feel line there’s more to come.